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Lighting Consultancy

Technical lighting consultants or Designers in Light?
We think we are both, but we try to keep the two definitions separate, at least ideally.
For us, technical lighting consultancy is something scientific.
Analysing light pollution regulations, security lighting, technical light calculations, measurements, lighting tests, specification writing, project team coordination etc. are all fundamental steps of our work, in which we invest time and positive energy to produce results that are necessarily highly technical, precise, with no margin for error.
Project sustainability is central to all our thinking.
The culture of technical lighting is the backbone of each of our projects.

Lighting Design

The use of light to enhance spaces is the essence of our work,
whether oriented towards the technical or more towards the creative side.
Often – almost always – these two are intertwined, giving rise to brilliant solutions and a nonconformity that clients are increasingly looking for.
Designing light with objects, effects and colours is the most creative part of our work. The most magical. The part where emotions are in charge and the sensations of the user are the primary inspiration.
We can design light with the infinite variety of products already available on the market, which we have already tested in the majority of cases; or we can design light by creating new bespoke forms of luminosity.
However, we can also supply marketing oriented solutions that enhance a business’s communication strategies.

Services And


Interior Design & Work Management

From a requirement, to a rapidly growing branch of the firm.
This is how we like to begin to describe the experiences we have gained by always being present on site, always fascinated by the work itself.
Collaborating with a wide range of craft teams and design firms has done the rest…
Today our firm can provide site management services, from building and retail permits and declarations, to project management, to site inspection.
Following an enormous variety of clients who want clear, precise, immediate answers to meet budgets and deadlines.
Through the skills we have built up and our close partnership with industry “stars”, we are able to offer high-level interior design concepts for private residences, retail and commercial spaces, and offices.
Supporting the client from computer rendering to selection of the smallest details. To furnish a space, or communicate the spirit of a company.
All in a new, never humdrum, way, intelligent and sustainable.

Pallet Design /

We design, build and sell lamps and light fittings in pallets to furnish your spaces.
Re-purposing means changing the purpose of an object, giving it a new function.
It keeps the object’s essence to create something unique that contains design value – but with zero footprint.
The Lighting and staff project begins with the desire to recycle and adapt pallet materials and bring them to life as new structures in light design.
The potential of recycling pallets is extremely high and makes it possible to minimise waste and produce an end product with the same functions as the traditional product, while significantly reducing costs.
Re-purposing creates masterpieces of illumination from a poor structure, offering a creative new dimension to the recycling industry and a new way of doing sustainable design.


Example products

Iron Design

This is what we mean by a Lighting and bare steel design.
Our offer ranges from standard products ready-designed and distributed with the collaboration of artisan designers with twenty years’ experience in metalworking, to creating new objects, unique sculptures and bespoke furniture.
An exciting process followed step by step by our craftsmen and professionals: from design, to production, to final installation.
Hand-crafted, fascinating, unique, unrepeatable objects are increasingly hard to find in the mass markets of post-2000, but can be made even more exclusive by hand punching to impress names, poetry, sentences etc.
Lighting and is particularly careful to recycle waste materials and uses beeswax as a natural protection for our products.


Example projects


Lighting and is also fun and entertainment.
We produce, develop and manage events in collaboration with specialists who support the biggest companies in the industry.
We think of everything: from finding and renting the space, to reception and control (security, assistants, press office management and invitations, access control, parking management, valet parking, etc.)
From the sound and lighting service to the entertainment personnel (MC, staging, DJ, barman freestyle, images) to the catering.
Without forgetting driver, accompaniment and pick-up services with car hire for any need or use.
The location used more often than any others for parties, dinners, cocktails, photoshoots and product presentations is the Livia Gregoretti showroom, which besides having 550 sq m of modern decor and 100 sq m of terrace, also offers a full suite of amenities and equipment making it a unique, exclusive, elegant space.

Recent Works.

See our latest finished commissions below.
The result of dozens of smart solutions, hundreds of enthusiastic hours of designing, and a huge charge of positive energy.
This is what our clients expect of us every time we take on a project, and this is what we are used to delivering to get the kind of results you see in these photos.
The sincere, enthusiastic handshakes we received after each of these jobs are strictly confidential.

Monumento ai Caduti, Brindisi

History modelled in light... Illumination of the work of sculptor Edgardo Simone dedicated to the people of Brindisi who fell in the first world war

It was a record, it has to be said. Because when you think that the monument was restored, illuminated and officially unveiled just 50 days after the first town meeting, it was an extraordinary event. Just as extraordinary is the whole story around the re-assessment of the work of Edgardo...

Cotonella HQ

Intimate lighting... An exciting project rich with meaning

An exciting project rich with meaning. That well describes the technical lighting consultancy work we did for one of Italy’s most famous brands of intimate clothing. We feel a special pride when speaking of this work because of the tragedy that hit the Cotonella building when it was burnt down...

Cantine Braulio

The magic of lighting permanently dark places, the story of Valtellina bitters, marketing

Marketing guiding design choices Light creating magic in the “belly” of the historic centre of Bormio. Campari Group has built enormous spaces to produce Amaro Braulio, the historic brand of the Italian beverage, entrusting the development of the project to a very clear communication strategy. This is the context of...