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Lighting And is

a reality for young designers linked to the world of Light, Architecture and Design.

We are young, dynamic and hungry. But also curious and dreamers.
We are lighting designers, interior designers, product designers, graphic designers.
All professionals comfortable in a work site setting.
And all technicians who have not shunned their creativity.
Come in and get to know us.

About us

What does Lighting And do?

The enhancement of interiors and outdoor areas, architectonic and design elements,
by means of lighting and light engineering.
This is where all ideas, projects, initiatives and development phases of our work start.
This is what inspires our desire to discover other realities, engage in dialogue with other professionals, forge new collaborations, experiment with new solutions, enter new partnerships and set ourselves new objectives.


Recent Works.

See our latest finished commissions below.
The result of dozens of smart solutions, hundreds of enthusiastic hours of designing, and a huge charge of positive energy.
This is what our clients expect of us every time we take on a project, and this is what we are used to delivering to get the kind of results you see in these photos.
The sincere, enthusiastic handshakes we received after each of these jobs are strictly confidential.

Monumento ai Caduti, Brindisi

History modelled in light... Illumination of the work of sculptor Edgardo Simone dedicated to the people of Brindisi who fell in the first world war

It was a record, it has to be said. Because when you think that the monument was restored, illuminated and officially unveiled just 50 days after the first town meeting, it was an extraordinary event. Just as extraordinary is the whole story around the re-assessment of the work of Edgardo...

Cotonella HQ

Intimate lighting... An exciting project rich with meaning

An exciting project rich with meaning. That well describes the technical lighting consultancy work we did for one of Italy’s most famous brands of intimate clothing. We feel a special pride when speaking of this work because of the tragedy that hit the Cotonella building when it was burnt down...

Cantine Braulio

The magic of lighting permanently dark places, the story of Valtellina bitters, marketing

Marketing guiding design choices Light creating magic in the “belly” of the historic centre of Bormio. Campari Group has built enormous spaces to produce Amaro Braulio, the historic brand of the Italian beverage, entrusting the development of the project to a very clear communication strategy. This is the context of...

Works And.

“AND …”
Because the essence of Lighting and is the desire to be open to Design, open to people, open to all that can give an added value to the service offer around lighting technology consulting.

When I was choosing a name for my business, I thought about how your passion often takes you into new worlds, down new roads, into new experiences, learning new crafts.
With a suitcase full of curiosity in one hand, and clutching my business networking cards in the other, I decided there would be no limits on the direction in which my firm might develop.
The people I met, the experiences I have had with my team and the successes we have had have proved me right.
They compel me every day to seek out new stimuli, new energies, new horizons, giving me hope for a future filled with new, exciting opportunities and new products/services to offer our clients, co-workers and suppliers.
Marco Piovella

Foodie’s Via Tacito, Rome

The first time

The arch, one of the most important technical achievements of the Romans: the architectural element essential for building bridges, aqueducts, doors, triumphal arches, theatres, amphitheatres and much more. Roman stone, used from the most ancient times for its strength and beauty, here placed on edge, in a herringbone pattern, is...


Hanging lamp made from a single pallet cube generating a warm light

He had never thought about it. It was a small, insignificant thing, and yet it must have been there all the time. It pervaded every inch of his life gracefully but discreetly, giving no indication that it was there in the background, hidden, but real. He had never given it...

Summer cocktail party

The most exclusive event in Milan in late July in collaboration with Amaro Lucano

The best marketing show there is. That’s the best way to describe the event, organised in collaboration with partners to let the people of Milan see the quality of our work, the quality of our products and services, and the quality of our organisations. While partying. Laughing, joking, tasting delicious...
Works And

Meet the team.

A successful business without the people ... is not a successful business!

This concept is the basis on which we formed the Lighting and team.
Young, ambitious, dynamic, curious, dedicated to the work.
With diverse training backgrounds but the same roots: Design and Architecture.
We can truthfully say we have grown together, finding enthusiasm and stimulus even in difficulties.
The empathy we have developed for each other is one of the greatest ingredients of our success and our pride.
Come and meet us!!!
Meet the team