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Piazza Santa Teresa, Brindisi

New lighting of Santa Teresa Square, Brindisi

This work was carried out at the same time as the technical lighting for the Monument to the Fallen. At the request of Brindisi local authority and Chemgas, to better harmonise the monument  lighting with the urban context, we did a study of potential improvements to the public lighting of...

Private House, Milan

Lighting to highlight the renovated exterior of a private villa north of Milan

Light to draw the eye to green urban spaces. For us, this project exemplifies how light can create magic even on the outside of residences in large cities, where people usually seek to create small, even  tiny places which, if well designed, can make you feel as if you are...

Via Adige, Milan

Scenographic lighting on the side of a stately home in the Porta Romana area in Milan

A private citizen wanting to light up the side of his home. Finally, and incredibly, in Italy as well. This design was a great victory for us because we were just so delighted and satisfied to begin to see the fruits of our daily labour meeting the requirements of beauty...

Private House, Bussero

Lighting effects for the outside of a private villa in the outskirts of Milan

The purpose of the project is to create lighting effects to enhance the structure of a private villa in Milan province. In this case the Client’s trusted engineer received a specific request relating to creating more refined lighting effects within a set budget and came to us for help. Small...