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La Marmotta

A pearl on the top of the mountains

Soo Chic Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Bespoke settings

Personalisation, custom-made, bespoke products; concepts now firmly embedded in the contemporary market, and fast becoming characteristic and fundamental features in the technical lighting world too. Increasingly people ask for things to be “custom made”, and, no less often, design constraints do not allow anything other than a one-off solution. The...

Locanda Chiaravalle

Changing light

When the point of arrival is the evolved point of departure. When the journey is a growth, the initial vision develops and becomes even better. When light amazes, becoming a powerful design tool for each of the inn’s environments. Locanda Chiaravalle, an evocative, special location and yet initially very dark...

KD House

On the road

Milan Isola: KD House is a meeting place for bikers, friends and colleagues who are drawn to the 1950’s American diner atmosphere. Where everything is informal and lively, where the flavours put you in mind of New Jersey and its cuisine. The place is affiliated to the adjoining KD Store,...


Milan or New York?

Not the usual pub, not the usual restaurant, not the usual music. In the magical atmosphere of Milan’s canals, in April 2018 Bricks was reborn. And even though the building is in the heart of Milan’s night life, our mind goes elsewhere, to the magic of New York. The space...


Light in a glass of wine

The wine shop: a project to market the most famous Italian brands, get people enjoying wines, enable people to personalise labels to their own tastes. Svinazzando is the perfect union of tradition and innovation. It was started in the most modern and recent context of Milan, where everything is scenic...

Mad Pizza & Burger

Harmony in diversity

“I feel good today” How could you not? Have you ever seen a place that serves the most famous food in the world – pizzas and hamburgers – where the people are not happy and satisfied? Everyone knows pizza brings universal harmony, but we would add that location plays a...