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Emporio Varese – Olio Carli

A narration in light, through the most ancient values and flavours of Italian tradition

“A taste experience”. That’s exactly what it is, because Olio Carli’s sales outlets seek not only to offer and display traditional Italian products, but also to convey something of the culture of the food, aromas and flavours of our land. Communicating effectively and consistently, partly by story, partly by service,...

Emporio Orio Center – Olio Carli

Foodie’s Via Larga, Milan

Nothing is as it seems

Twelve sales outlets in Milan, many interpretations of space; but so far, one thing you can say for sure is, only one really stands out. Foodie’s Via Larga. Everything revolves around the ring between the two floors. Revolves. No verb was ever more appropriate because the circular central form is...

Foodie’s XXII Marzo 5, Milan

A flower between the tracks

A part of town with great character, where historical shops and boutiques belonging to old Milan still survive: well cared-for, well served, the area has its own strong identity which you see in the now familiar faces, in the ordinary passers-by and metaphorically also in those little flowers that spontaneously...