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Private House, San Felice

What light would you like in your house?

One of the most frequent questions we ask the client is: “What light, what atmosphere would you like in your home?” The answer, even if confused and sometimes startled, is always basically: warm light for a comfortable home and well-being. The San Felice house was one of our earliest technical...

Private House, Tavazzano con Villavesco

A light that gives pleasing, delicate emotions

What if the basement was a relaxation space? The basement of the house with a gym and a relaxation area. A private environment in which you could find refuge after a tiring day at work and be yourself again. An equilibrium that should not be – has no need to...

Private House, Monza

Made-to-measure simplicity

A good designer listens to the client’s requirements, understands and interprets their wishes, and gives them form, light and colour. The scale and dimensions of the project are not important: sometimes you simply come into the person’s day-to-day life, study their ways and habits, and give them personal, subjective, exclusive...

Private House, Milan

Life is a struggle, when light can save

Stepping out of your comfort zone, packing your bags and leaving. Prestigious universities, better career prospects, opportunities, professional satisfaction, attractive remuneration: these are the dreams of students leaving home and arriving in Milan. Some are supported by parents who can afford to buy a second home. Initially a large city...