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Light Art to the Lingotto of Turin

Cotonella HQ

Intimate lighting... An exciting project rich with meaning

An exciting project rich with meaning. That well describes the technical lighting consultancy work we did for one of Italy’s most famous brands of intimate clothing. We feel a special pride when speaking of this work because of the tragedy that hit the Cotonella building when it was burnt down...

Livia Gregoretti Showroom

Rain of light & luminous versatility in a New York-style multifunctional environment

In Via Carlo De Angeli, in the south part of Milan, a short walk from Bocconi University and Ravizza Park, is one of the “youngest” fashion showrooms on the Milan scene. Approximately 600 sq m of fashion multifunctionality in which light has a fundamental part in the use of the...

Dimora Showroom

Lighting for a fashion showroom in the central Piazza della Repubblica, Milan

Small expenditure, maximum yield. The Client’s instructions did not lay down what the final result should be from our study of the materials and the colours of the light. In fashion and tailoring, the tonalities of the lighting units are fundamental to the success of a technical lighting commission. Daylight...


New lighting for a meeting room and whiteboard

To be honest, this job looks very ordinary. But it wasn’t. The company that commissioned the project expressed a clear requirement: to be able to take a panorama photograph on a smartphone of a whiteboard where important company processes are discussed, without the photo showing the effects of flickering. They...

ACCMS Studio Legale

New lighting for a law firm near Milan Court

Correcting the light. That could be the title of this commission. In fact, although the law firm, ACCMS, already had lighting for its premises, following a period of work in the offices we were contacted to review the lighting. Besides changing a few light sources from halogen to LED, technical...