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Cantina Amaro Lucano

Rediscovered identities through Lighting Design

Bottega Bari – Amaro Lucano

Light for Essence

Emporio Milano – Olio Carli

The tradition continues...

Emporio Torino – Olio Carli

An Italian excellence in the city of the Mole

Sede Reply S.p.A.

Light Art to the Lingotto of Turin

La Marmotta

A pearl on the top of the mountains

Monumento ai Caduti, Brindisi

History modelled in light... Illumination of the work of sculptor Edgardo Simone dedicated to the people of Brindisi who fell in the first world war

It was a record, it has to be said. Because when you think that the monument was restored, illuminated and officially unveiled just 50 days after the first town meeting, it was an extraordinary event. Just as extraordinary is the whole story around the re-assessment of the work of Edgardo...

San Marco Church, Brera

Ornamentation enhanced

The technical lighting project for the Chapel of San Giuseppe da Tolentino, perhaps the most important chapel of San Marco Church right in the heart of Brera, Milan is surely a triumph of ornamentation enhanced. This wing of the Church has undergone a major restoration which has necessitated changing the...

SS Martiri Cornelio e Cipriano Church

The hidden precision of light

Churches are unique environments to illuminate: heights are always very great, electrical systems are difficult to modify, and the end result must be precise, pleasing and contextualised to the sacred function of such spaces. The task of renewing the lighting of the apse of Trivolzio church in Pavia province hides...

Piazza Santa Teresa, Brindisi

New lighting of Santa Teresa Square, Brindisi

This work was carried out at the same time as the technical lighting for the Monument to the Fallen. At the request of Brindisi local authority and Chemgas, to better harmonise the monument  lighting with the urban context, we did a study of potential improvements to the public lighting of...

Private House, Milan

Lighting to highlight the renovated exterior of a private villa north of Milan

Light to draw the eye to green urban spaces. For us, this project exemplifies how light can create magic even on the outside of residences in large cities, where people usually seek to create small, even  tiny places which, if well designed, can make you feel as if you are...

Via Adige, Milan

Scenographic lighting on the side of a stately home in the Porta Romana area in Milan

A private citizen wanting to light up the side of his home. Finally, and incredibly, in Italy as well. This design was a great victory for us because we were just so delighted and satisfied to begin to see the fruits of our daily labour meeting the requirements of beauty...

Private House, Bussero

Lighting effects for the outside of a private villa in the outskirts of Milan

The purpose of the project is to create lighting effects to enhance the structure of a private villa in Milan province. In this case the Client’s trusted engineer received a specific request relating to creating more refined lighting effects within a set budget and came to us for help. Small...

Cotonella HQ

Intimate lighting... An exciting project rich with meaning

An exciting project rich with meaning. That well describes the technical lighting consultancy work we did for one of Italy’s most famous brands of intimate clothing. We feel a special pride when speaking of this work because of the tragedy that hit the Cotonella building when it was burnt down...

Livia Gregoretti Showroom

Rain of light & luminous versatility in a New York-style multifunctional environment

In Via Carlo De Angeli, in the south part of Milan, a short walk from Bocconi University and Ravizza Park, is one of the “youngest” fashion showrooms on the Milan scene. Approximately 600 sq m of fashion multifunctionality in which light has a fundamental part in the use of the...

Dimora Showroom

Lighting for a fashion showroom in the central Piazza della Repubblica, Milan

Small expenditure, maximum yield. The Client’s instructions did not lay down what the final result should be from our study of the materials and the colours of the light. In fashion and tailoring, the tonalities of the lighting units are fundamental to the success of a technical lighting commission. Daylight...


New lighting for a meeting room and whiteboard

To be honest, this job looks very ordinary. But it wasn’t. The company that commissioned the project expressed a clear requirement: to be able to take a panorama photograph on a smartphone of a whiteboard where important company processes are discussed, without the photo showing the effects of flickering. They...

ACCMS Studio Legale

New lighting for a law firm near Milan Court

Correcting the light. That could be the title of this commission. In fact, although the law firm, ACCMS, already had lighting for its premises, following a period of work in the offices we were contacted to review the lighting. Besides changing a few light sources from halogen to LED, technical...

Private House, San Felice

What light would you like in your house?

One of the most frequent questions we ask the client is: “What light, what atmosphere would you like in your home?” The answer, even if confused and sometimes startled, is always basically: warm light for a comfortable home and well-being. The San Felice house was one of our earliest technical...

Private House, Tavazzano con Villavesco

A light that gives pleasing, delicate emotions

What if the basement was a relaxation space? The basement of the house with a gym and a relaxation area. A private environment in which you could find refuge after a tiring day at work and be yourself again. An equilibrium that should not be – has no need to...

Private House, Monza

Made-to-measure simplicity

A good designer listens to the client’s requirements, understands and interprets their wishes, and gives them form, light and colour. The scale and dimensions of the project are not important: sometimes you simply come into the person’s day-to-day life, study their ways and habits, and give them personal, subjective, exclusive...

Private House, Milan

Life is a struggle, when light can save

Stepping out of your comfort zone, packing your bags and leaving. Prestigious universities, better career prospects, opportunities, professional satisfaction, attractive remuneration: these are the dreams of students leaving home and arriving in Milan. Some are supported by parents who can afford to buy a second home. Initially a large city...

Soo Chic Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Bespoke settings

Personalisation, custom-made, bespoke products; concepts now firmly embedded in the contemporary market, and fast becoming characteristic and fundamental features in the technical lighting world too. Increasingly people ask for things to be “custom made”, and, no less often, design constraints do not allow anything other than a one-off solution. The...

Locanda Chiaravalle

Changing light

When the point of arrival is the evolved point of departure. When the journey is a growth, the initial vision develops and becomes even better. When light amazes, becoming a powerful design tool for each of the inn’s environments. Locanda Chiaravalle, an evocative, special location and yet initially very dark...

KD House

On the road

Milan Isola: KD House is a meeting place for bikers, friends and colleagues who are drawn to the 1950’s American diner atmosphere. Where everything is informal and lively, where the flavours put you in mind of New Jersey and its cuisine. The place is affiliated to the adjoining KD Store,...


Milan or New York?

Not the usual pub, not the usual restaurant, not the usual music. In the magical atmosphere of Milan’s canals, in April 2018 Bricks was reborn. And even though the building is in the heart of Milan’s night life, our mind goes elsewhere, to the magic of New York. The space...


Light in a glass of wine

The wine shop: a project to market the most famous Italian brands, get people enjoying wines, enable people to personalise labels to their own tastes. Svinazzando is the perfect union of tradition and innovation. It was started in the most modern and recent context of Milan, where everything is scenic...

Mad Pizza & Burger

Harmony in diversity

“I feel good today” How could you not? Have you ever seen a place that serves the most famous food in the world – pizzas and hamburgers – where the people are not happy and satisfied? Everyone knows pizza brings universal harmony, but we would add that location plays a...

Foodie’s Via Larga, Milan

Nothing is as it seems

Twelve sales outlets in Milan, many interpretations of space; but so far, one thing you can say for sure is, only one really stands out. Foodie’s Via Larga. Everything revolves around the ring between the two floors. Revolves. No verb was ever more appropriate because the circular central form is...

Emporio Varese – Olio Carli

A narration in light, through the most ancient values and flavours of Italian tradition

“A taste experience”. That’s exactly what it is, because Olio Carli’s sales outlets seek not only to offer and display traditional Italian products, but also to convey something of the culture of the food, aromas and flavours of our land. Communicating effectively and consistently, partly by story, partly by service,...

Emporio Orio Center – Olio Carli

Foodie’s XXII Marzo 5, Milan

A flower between the tracks

A part of town with great character, where historical shops and boutiques belonging to old Milan still survive: well cared-for, well served, the area has its own strong identity which you see in the now familiar faces, in the ordinary passers-by and metaphorically also in those little flowers that spontaneously...

Cantine Braulio

The magic of lighting permanently dark places, the story of Valtellina bitters, marketing

Marketing guiding design choices Light creating magic in the “belly” of the historic centre of Bormio. Campari Group has built enormous spaces to produce Amaro Braulio, the historic brand of the Italian beverage, entrusting the development of the project to a very clear communication strategy. This is the context of...

Law Court, Milan

Special project; we reveal the reason

Milan law court is in the ‘special project’ category for two reasons: firstly, because it is still one of the most important projects Lighting and has ever undertaken. Another thing that makes it special is its prominence – we might say its fame. The most prestigious room is also known...

Oratorio SS Trinità

The different senses of square

Wikipedia says: “In geometry the square is a regular quadrilateral, which means that it has four equal sides and four equal angles” Unusually, given its reputation, the square can be said to be the dynamic element in the oratory, the transformative, moving element around which varied functions congregate. We find...

Foodie’s Piazza della Scala, Milan

A ship in a port

Elegance, sobriety, history. Piazza della Scala, a crossroads but also a place to linger, ideal for a short respite from the daily frenzy: all you need is a bench with a view of the most famous Theatre in Italy and a snack. But where to find something authentic, fresh and...

Foodie’s Via Turati, Milan

Fast and Foodie’s

Shelves, books, the smell of paper and the little puffs of dust as the pages are turned. Dust, fragments, ruins but then a return in another form: this time not books but the smell of coffee, not stillness but frenzied activity, not calm but cups on the counter and snatched...

CPO Rapallo

Change is beautiful

The strength and the will to change when better ways appear on the horizon. So, CPO Rapallo is changing address and changing its form. Giving up on its poor location, it is moving to a more central location in a busy area with a high footfall not far from the...


Low coffee table. An ideal TV stand, thanks to the ease with which the cables can be hidden inside it. The wheels provide easy mobility despite its weight. The gravitas of the downward light and the weight of the structure confer apparent immobility.

Serenity is enclosed in a space delimited by certainties. The length, height and depth of the soul. It is the three-dimensionality of life that gives us peace when it comes into our world and settles down in our routine. What can the preoccupations of the day do against the reassuring...


The secret ingredient

Counter is creation. Normally when you say “counter” the first association that comes to mind is the space where the barman prepares things and welcomes customers, greets them, chats with them, advises them and satisfies their wishes. The counter is a place where people exchange a few superficial comments or...

5. We Celebrate

The party to celebrate the firm's five years in business, postponed six months for the launch of the first Re-purpose prototypes

The preview of the Fuorisalone del Mobile 2017 was our pre-lighting show in late March. The aims for that event were, firstly, to celebrate the success of the firm’s first five years, bringing together the main participants in that success (customers, suppliers and staff); and secondly, to show the public...

Private 1

A New York 50th

The typical party where all of our experience and technical wizardry go into amazing the customer with an unforgettable night of laughter and dancing. Plus, the fun of partying in a totally non-standard space, on the rooftops of Milan.