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Lighting And is

an independent, award-winning, international, architectural lighting design practice based in Italy.

We’re lighting designers looking for the emotions of others, since 2011.

If you want to ensure your wellbeing at home, at work, on the go,
you are in the right place.

Come in and get to know us.

About us

What does Lighting And do?

We are focused on improving the quality of the environments habitually inhabited by living beings.
We create atmospheres, we enhance both internal and external areas.
Our lighting design projects have been completed in several fields including Hospitality, Offices, Retail, Medical, Places of worship, Monuments and Yachts.
We team up with architects and interior designers, but above all, with those professional firms that have an integrated approach to building design.

Recent Works.

See our latest finished commissions below.
The result of dozens of smart solutions, hundreds of enthusiastic hours of designing, and a huge charge of positive energy.
This is what our clients expect of us every time we take on a project, and this is what we are used to delivering to get the kind of results you see in these photos.
The sincere, enthusiastic handshakes we received after each of these jobs are strictly confidential.

Cantina Amaro Lucano

Rediscovered identities through Lighting Design

La Marmotta

A pearl on the top of the mountains

Monumento ai Caduti, Brindisi

History modelled in light... Illumination of the work of sculptor Edgardo Simone dedicated to the people of Brindisi who fell in the first world war

It was a record, it has to be said. Because when you think that the monument was restored, illuminated and officially unveiled just 50 days after the first town meeting, it was an extraordinary event. Just as extraordinary is the whole story around the re-assessment of the work of Edgardo...

Meet the team.

A successful business without the people ... is not a successful business!

This concept is the basis on which we formed the Lighting and team.
Young, ambitious, dynamic, curious, dedicated to the work.
With diverse training backgrounds but the same roots: Design and Architecture.
We can truthfully say we have grown together, finding enthusiasm and stimulus even in difficulties.
The empathy we have developed for each other is one of the greatest ingredients of our success and our pride.
Come and meet us!!!
Meet the team