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Oratorio SS Trinità

The different senses of square

Wikipedia says: “In geometry the square is a regular quadrilateral, which means that it has four equal sides and four equal angles” Unusually, given its reputation, the square can be said to be the dynamic element in the oratory, the transformative, moving element around which varied functions congregate. We find...

Foodie’s Via Borgogna, Milan

Restyling with mezzanine

Historic centre of Milan, connected to Piazza Duomo by the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Piazza San Babila has long been a meeting place for the well-to-do of Milan and even today it is distinguished by its upper class character and VIP clientele. Foodie’s Borgogna is the restyling and revisiting of...

CPO Genoa

Diversity is beautiful

We could call it, inaccurately, Rapallo Orthopaedic Centre Part 2, but we are more than ever proponents of the principle that every place has its own essence, soul and character which are unique and cannot be reproduced. Genoa, a limited number of fundamental alterations; a primarily visual “aligning” approach –...

Foodie’s Corso Vercelli, Milan

The father of an altogether Milanese format

The birth of a format. The first sales point in Milan, Foodie’s is a concept that offers sandwiches, naturally, but also salads, cold dishes, fresh fruit, juice and desserts, all made from the best ingredients sourced locally and from around the world. Together with Foodie’s Vigentina, we consider it the...


Hanging lamp made from a single pallet cube generating a warm light

He had never thought about it. It was a small, insignificant thing, and yet it must have been there all the time. It pervaded every inch of his life gracefully but discreetly, giving no indication that it was there in the background, hidden, but real. He had never given it...


Hanging lamp characterised by a single recessed spotlight in the lower end

Rhythmical dancing with ceaselessly moving arms and legs supported by the power of sound. Lights and shadows of a warm night spangled with stars with marvellous faces. Colours and scents blend in a mystic embrace and earth quivers at the energy of nature. With virgin gaze we watch the ritual...


A lamp of titanic size hangs in space. The soft lighting is directed upwards and accentuates the structure of the pallet.

Perhaps you hear the sound of majestic elegance, delicate presence, sublime grandeur? Perhaps it has the smell of the primrose in the morning, and the taste of the purest and finest dark chocolate What happens when man learns from nature? Perhaps he celebrates its endless light, exalts its source, carves...


Hanging lamp with an internal space designed to hold plants/flowers, like a verdant island in the air. A warm blanket of light illuminates the space below. The dominant colours are leafy green and pale wood; the green is seen again in the colour of the electric cable, with which it blends in.

Perhaps it isn’t there. It’s probably hidden in the dreams and emerges for a few short hours now and then, to get itself talked about. Its fame goes before it, but what skilled mariner can reach its magical shores? Perhaps a child who loves the moon, or an artful storyteller....

Millenium Light-On

Like some spaceship from outer space parked in the living room, two blue lights on either side add a sci-fi quality. Within, a warm light delicately picks out the structure of the pallet.

It plays in the uncertain present, runs along the confines of time. The future wants everything for itself. It launches into the unknown to pierce the veil and let astonishment through. The wonder of magic that becomes technology, announcing the endlessly updated story of things now out of date. And...


Pallet coffee table. The use of glass as a surface allows the play of light to be seen enhancing the material of the wood.

Intelligent thinking by the man who knows he never has to choose between beauty and function. Or compensate for one or the other, like jealous lovers, fascinating as they are different. The irreconcilable is always opportunity, the constant challenge that fires the spirit and creates masterpieces. Transparent complementarity, oxymoron of...


Low coffee table. An ideal TV stand, thanks to the ease with which the cables can be hidden inside it. The wheels provide easy mobility despite its weight. The gravitas of the downward light and the weight of the structure confer apparent immobility.

Serenity is enclosed in a space delimited by certainties. The length, height and depth of the soul. It is the three-dimensionality of life that gives us peace when it comes into our world and settles down in our routine. What can the preoccupations of the day do against the reassuring...


The mirror is positioned in the centre of the pallet and an LED bar is set in the upper plank. The lower plank and the cubes on either side serve as shelves.

“Yearnings. Yearnings of my mirror.” Beauty made familiar by the magic of eternal youth, by the dream of material that never dies. Like a magic that turns things into what they are and reveals its shaping of nature, leaves the material in the form of the material itself. In the...


Wall lamp, a single light source giving a soft, warm effect around it. The lamp is pointed upwards, thereby creating a clear reflection on the ceiling.

“He was fashioned a wondrous monster, and was not like a man that lives by bread, but like a wooded peak of lofty mountains, which stands out to view alone, apart from the rest.” (Homer, The Odyssey, Book 9, lines 187-192.) Translation by A. T. Murray) They tell the story...


To make a table you need steel

A table is just a table, everyone can agree on that. It seems impossible but you can talk for hours about a table, its shape, its function, its construction, its composition, its strength … Shall we try? Suppose it’s Christmas and the family is coming for a meal, yes, even...


The secret ingredient

Counter is creation. Normally when you say “counter” the first association that comes to mind is the space where the barman prepares things and welcomes customers, greets them, chats with them, advises them and satisfies their wishes. The counter is a place where people exchange a few superficial comments or...


An innate lightness

Who says steel seats are only for outdoors? No doubt the mind can immediately be taken to some farmhouse in Tuscany or a seaside house looking out over Mediterranean scenes and colours – so why not bring some of those sensations and tonalities into our homes? Whether combined with a...



A heart of steel. Whether for a single shelf, a set of shelves, a piece of furniture or any other object, metalwork will always have a high quality aesthetic impact. It’s a winning choice not only for outdoor environments but also for more rustic or modern indoor spaces where the...


Exploding a myth

Light and product. Diverse but mutually complementary skills and trades. Steel wrapped around light and moulding it; steel playing rhythmically with light, slicing it up, amplifying it, disturbing it, following it. Endless effects and results, but one thought behind them all: promoting the new, moving on from the old, uniting...


Memory containers

There is a world in every book. Every book opens to us new scenes, while the bookcase that contains it remains unchanged through the years. The stories it contains change, but as life hurries on to other places, the bookcase gathers dust and unmistakeable smells. Why do we love the...

Outdoor business signs

When a dessert is not enough...

How many of us, before walking into a shop, stop to look up at the sign? There are two kinds of people: those who focus on the window instead of on the menu, and those who look a little higher, because if the eyes are the mirror of the soul,...



Iron is the most abundant metal on Earth, forming 16% of the mass of our planet. Iron is the metal most widely used by mankind, representing on its own 95% of the world’s output of metals. Numbers and statistics are not important, but just consider for a moment the potential...

Interior Signs


Signs organise; Signs gives rules, reinforce indications; Signs inform the user of hazards, instructions, obstacles. So much power in a word. And if we talk about light things, irony, decoration, would those nouns have any connection to the expression “interior signs”? We reckon everything can be functional and have the...

Storage units

Shall we compromise?

A solution. For order-loving mothers and undisciplined children; For bars, restaurants, fashion showrooms, clothes shops, for displays of accessories, bags, shoes. Versatility, modularity, geometry, functionality, modularity! No exaggeration, just practicality. It’s really quite easy: just place various kinds of objects in them, even in a disorderly way, because, let’s be...

The five senses of Lighting and

The multi-sensorial dimension of Light

A project that began with one eye on the launching of Milan as an international platform. For Expo, for the Salone del Mobile (Furniture Show) and for Euroluce 2015, we designed a custom-made event to ensure a quality contribution for such a rich and stimulating context. The five senses theme...

5. We Celebrate

The party to celebrate the firm's five years in business, postponed six months for the launch of the first Re-purpose prototypes

The preview of the Fuorisalone del Mobile 2017 was our pre-lighting show in late March. The aims for that event were, firstly, to celebrate the success of the firm’s first five years, bringing together the main participants in that success (customers, suppliers and staff); and secondly, to show the public...

Summer cocktail party

The most exclusive event in Milan in late July in collaboration with Amaro Lucano

The best marketing show there is. That’s the best way to describe the event, organised in collaboration with partners to let the people of Milan see the quality of our work, the quality of our products and services, and the quality of our organisations. While partying. Laughing, joking, tasting delicious...

The launch

The opening of Lighting and

The event that launched the firm onto the Milanese scene organised with our Designer Blacksmith Pasquale Covucci. A party that welcomed friends, staff and suppliers to celebrate the arrival of a new kid on the block bursting with positive energy. The lights of space, steel seats hanging amid decorative objects,...

Lancia Ypsilon Elle

Presentation of the new Lancia car model on the wave of the absolute sales record of September 2014

Lancia press day some days ahead of the official opening. Nonsololoft organised refreshments for the journalists together with the staff of Elle Decor, taking minute care over the details of the location. Our part, besides managing the space, focussed primarily on the desired atmosphere produced by the accurate lighting.


Press day with the champion.

Discover new products in an environment famous for fashion and design. Press Day Arena organised by Nonsololoft in collaboration with Say What? In our space. The famous swimsuit brand dedicated to water sports presents new collections to the press, with athlete Massimiliano Rosolino.

Group on

Celebrating Christmas with the firm, in a loft apartment

Company Christmas parties are a must for some Milanese businesses. Of the parties organised over the years, it is always a pleasure to remember one put together by Nonsololoft for Goup on, the famous group-buy company. A “stand-up meal” followed by all night singing and dancing. The Father Christmas hats,...

To dinner with Erotic Pink

Atmosphere, people, art and food. Delight and the eclectic

An elegant yet colourful ambiance, luxurious but not ostentatious, the purling notes of a harp the ideal accompaniment to the excellent wine and the smiles of the guests. The evening was a dinner created by Cesare Marretti, the celebrated chef, whose artistic verve and naiveté served up courses that delighted...

Pink cigarettes

Fuorisalone 2012

The classical evening for anyone who attends Milan Design Week and Party week. Organised by Nonsololoft, the event concluded with a promotion for Pink cigarettes, from the Camel brand. Open bar, limited places and a DJ mix to suit, made what Lighting and remembers as the party with most guests...

Private 1

A New York 50th

The typical party where all of our experience and technical wizardry go into amazing the customer with an unforgettable night of laughter and dancing. Plus, the fun of partying in a totally non-standard space, on the rooftops of Milan.

Private 2

Costume Halloween Party

Laughter and music in fancy dress. A personalised, magical, emotional space you wouldn’t think was real. Music to suit, great people. All skilfully curated and managed by our staff. One of the most fun evenings ever put on.